Dr. Wang's Apprentices

Dr. Jason D. Robertson, DAHM, EAMP


Seattle, WA, USA

Dr. Jason D. Robertson is a licensed acupuncturist and educator in Seattle, WA USA. He spent 8 years studying Chinese language and medicine in Taiwan and China (B.A. Washington and Lee University, Taiwan National University, Chengdu University of Chinese Medicine, Cui Yue Li Institute Beijing).

Having met Dr. Wang in 1997, Dr. Robertson eventually moved to Beijing to study at his Beijing clinic from 2002-2003. During the following decade, he spent one month each year studying with Dr. Wang and translating for groups of visiting students. In 2008, along with Dr. Wang he co-authored Applied Channel Theory in Chinese Medicine (Eastland Press, Seattle). In August 2013, he was recognized by the Beijing Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Beijing Acupuncture and Moxibustion Association and Wang Ju-yi as an apprentice and official instructor of Applied Channel Theory. Besides his work as a clinician and author, Dr. Robertson is a member of the core faculty at the Seattle Institute of East Asian Medicine and continues to teach Applied Channel Theory in schools and seminars around the world.  Dr. Robertson recently completed his doctoral research based on Dr. Wang's work at the Seattle Institute of East Asian Medicine.





Kentucky Ginseng Chinese Medicine 

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Core Faculty at:

Seattle Institute of East Asian Medicine

226 S Orcas St

Seattle, WA 98108


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