Study in Beijing

Thank you for your interest in coming to study Wang Ju-yi’s Applied Channel Theory, we look forward to meeting you. Below is some general information about what to expect when you are here, and what you need to prepare for your visit. Please contact Jonathan Chang for more information regarding scheduling, fees, tutorials and other details.

Study Periods

Spring – March to June

Fall – September to December

Clinic Observation

Clinical observation can be arranged with Wang Ju-yi’s official apprentices in Beijing. Clinical internship is arranged at a private clinic and a community hospital. In this way students will learn how to apply Dr. Wang’s system in different clinical settings. During this time you will observe Dr. Wang’s apprentices treat patients and lecture on various channel related topics.

Clinical internship can be arranged six half-days per week:

  • Monday, Thursday and Saturday mornings with Jonathan Chang at the Ling Lan TCM Clinic.

  • Sunday morning with Wang Hong-min at the Ling Lan TCM Clinic.

  • Wednesday and Friday afternoons with Yu Kun at the Yue Tan Community Health Service Center.

  • The main clinical instructors are Wang Hong-min, Yu Kun and Jonathan Chang.

Dr. Yu Kun works at the Fuxing Hospital’s Yue Tan Community Health Service Center which is affiliated with the Capital Medical University. She treats a wide variety of illnesses by combining acupuncture and Chinese herbs. Her main focus is the treatment of elderly patients suffering from cardio-cerebrovascular diseases, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, urinary tract infections, insomnia and joint pain, but also treats numerous gynaecological disorders such as irregular menstruation, menopause and dysmenorrhea.

Dr. Wang Hong-min works at the Bai Cao TCM Clinic and the Ling Lan TCM Clinic, where she practices tuina and acupuncture. She has treated many pediatric disorders with channel massage and acupuncture, such as children suffering from ADD, incontinence, indigestion, constipation and respiratory illnesses. In addition, she commonly treats allergies and pain disorders.

Dr. Jonathan Chang works at the Ling Lan TCM Clinic. He treats a variety of illnesses from stress and anxiety, pain, dermatological, gastrointestinal and gynecological disorders. He places an emphasis on channel palpation and careful point location. Students will have the opportunity to palpate abnormal changes. Dr. Wang’s point locations will be reviewed in between patients, and clinical cases will also be discussed.


Tutorials taught by Dr. Wang’s senior apprentices can also be organized. For beginners to Applied Channel Theory, the focus is on channel examination, with attention placed on the practical technique of channel palpation. Wang Ju-yi’s point locations will also be practiced. Tutorials for more advanced students can also be arranged, with a focus on Wang Ju-yi’s clinical case studies and channel theory. These classes can be arranged on days when there is no clinical observation, such as on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday mornings.


If you require translation (Chinese to English), please inform us before your arrival.

Certificate of Study

A certificate documenting hours studied will be issued to those who have studied 24 hours or more.

Before You Come

Complete reading Dr. Wang’s book Applied Channel Theory In Chinese Medicine, available through Eastland Press and many major Chinese Medicine book distributors. Provide us a list with the names of each participant, the exact dates of attendance, educational background and years of clinical practice. Please send a resume (no more than 2 pages) to Jonathan Chang (


Please email us for more information regarding the fee schedule. Total fees (including the translation fee) may vary depending on length of study and circumstance.

Clinic Guidelines and Rules

A white lab coat is required at all times when in the clinic and hospital.  Please ask before recording treatments or taking pictures to respect he patient’s privacy. Please refrain from asking questions or talking during patient intake and treatments.


A few times every year, Applied Channel Theory workshops are organized in Beijing (in Chinese only). These workshops teach Dr. Wang’s theory and methods in a systematic way. If you are a Chinese speaker, and are interested in learning more about these courses, please contact Jonathan Chang.

1962 Beijing University of Chinese Medicine Graduation photo

1962 Beijing University of Chinese Medicine Graduation photo